Graffiti Alley

Just off Liberty Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the graffiti alley. Since 1999 is has been painted by many new artists giving it a unique always changing background that is perfect for photography. A popular location for locals and visitors to the area for … Continue readingGraffiti Alley

1K at a time

In 2017 my wife Jessica came home and proclaimed she was going to start running 5Ks, something that she had never done before. Her first race was in December and was the Holiday Hustle in Dexter, Michigan. As fate would have it, the racecourse went … Continue reading1K at a time

maternity photos

Who doesn’t love a baby? Well before the baby arrives be sure to schedule your maternity photography session. I have heard every excuse why not to get them done from “I look fat” to “I have stretch marks” and sometimes the “My (husband/Mother/Mother in-law) is … Continue readingmaternity photos