Skyron Hockey

Team and Individual photography has been a huge part of my business since 2012. It is a hard business from the stand point of only having a few minutes to capture all of the photos you need of each player, parents and start up photographers offering to do a free session for the team and the changing marketplace for photography. One of the teams I have worked with for the past few years is the Skyron hockey team based in Ann Arbor Michigan. The team is made up of students from 3 local high schools and is the only womens hockey team in the area.

Skyron is an unique team for me in that the team buys a standard photo package for every player, It is a 5×7 of them individually and a 5×7 of the team. I also produce a senior banner for every senior, schedule posters that showcase the sponsors and the teams schedule and a large team banner that hangs in the high school.

2019-2020 Huron- Skyline Hockey Schedule Poster

I also provide action photography for the team. This year it was a real treat to be able to photograph at the University of Michigan Hockey Arena (Yost) The lighting in the arena is amazing and I was able to capture action shots that the team had never seen before.

Parents can order prints and digital downloads from the game on our website at

As we head into the Christmas holiday I look forward to recharging and hitting the ground running in January with the second half of the winter sports season.